March 13, 2017

yarny update!

spent my weekend immersed in the yarny goodness of it all! blocked two projects that have been off the needles for a while. a follow your arrow 2 and a handspun gradient scarf (those are ravelry links!). the shawl is a welcome present for dana, my new housemate. the scarf is mine, or I might give it to my sister.

I also dyed tons of yarn for the shop! not up in the shop yet, but they will be either at the end of this week or next week. there will be lots of peapod sock and some mcn sock, and some of a totally new yarn base. I'm pretty happy with the results and speed of my dyeing...I wish I could have just a bit more stamina so I could dye more in one sitting, though. I can't wait to go through and decide what I'm going to keep for myself, haha. definitely some unicorn stampede...that's the name of the colorway, by the way.

I really want to work hard on our etsy store this year. get more orders! dye more yarn! pass out business cards everywhere! I've been doing that, actually. may need to reorder soon—they go fast! I want this to be the year I make enough revenue to have to pay taxes, heh. and at some point, when I feel comfortable with it again, I want to write more knitting patterns and expand in that direction. or should I go add handspun yarns to the shop first?? so many things to try, not enough time! isn't that always how it goes?

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