February 25, 2017

theme of the moment

remember in january, I said that the animal guide of the month/week/whatever was a blue whale? and I listed some other themes of the moment, so to speak. I kind of like that idea. so I guess I will keep doing it. no set interval, just whenever a page has turned over in my life, or when enough time has passed that these things have changed.
  • animal guide: still the blue whale, but octopus as well
  • crafting endeavor: knit shawls
  • quote: "Things you did. Things you never did. Things you dreamed. After a long time, they run togther." —Richard Ford, Canada
  • color: cornflower blue
the photos, in order, are the very baby beginnings of the shawl I knit while on vacation, walking through the atl airport, and ramen we had for wendy's goodbye dinner. she is officially moved out and will be heading to texas on monday. I made her promise to text me all the time, and to get some proper "eyebrows" time. as in, eyebrows.

my new housemate, dana, is moving in tonight, on the eve of my birthday. I will be crossing my fingers and blowing out all the candles for a better (or at least, less tumultuous) 27th year of my life than the 26th one.

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