February 10, 2017

optimistic updates

I saw my doctor yesterday, and I'm trying out a new medication again. he also told me to look into DBT techniques. I tried doing some research online but found myself utterly bored. I ordered some workbooks from amazon. if anyone has any relevant links/info to share, they would be much appreciated!

my roommate, wendy (on the right in the above photo) is moving to texas in two weeks (!!!). I've found another friend from work to move into her room. I'm going to miss wendy a lotttttt, but I love dana dearly as well and am very excited for this upcoming change. dana is such a kind and classy soul. can't wait to tutor her in chinese and cook and practice calligraphy together!

by the way, the photo was taken at a restaurant up the street from my office called Agave Uptown. SO good. I had lucuma ice cream for dessert (SO, SO delicious) and I tried a bite of wendy's tequila ice cream. I can't really tolerate tequila at all, so I only dared to try one bite...I think I might be allergic, because every time I've had even one sip of tequila or gin, I've thrown up even though I wasn't drunk.

but anyway, all the food was presented so beautifully that we actually had to call the waitress back and we were like, "I think this is wrong, we just ordered one kind of ice cream, not a sampler..." and the waitress was like, "Yes, this is the tequila ice cream! it just comes like that. it was like a wooden platter with three little dips, and one scoop of ice cream in each dip. I am going to ask my parents to treat me at this restaurant for my birthday.

last saturday, my high school best friends, stephanie and alex, came over with their corgi, pino. pino and picasso (my cat) had lots of fun together. pino especially enjoyed digging in the litter box for some kitty poop to munch on.......gross, and of course we put a stop to it as soon as we realized. pica still likes sunny better, because he plays with pica more. pino was a bit scared of pica, to be honest. pino is such the cutest corgi ever! she is so tiny—literally only half the size of most other corgis I know. but she's at her full adult size, and only twenty pounds, less than two feet long, and maybe ten inches tall (not including those HUGE ears!).

lastly, I made a list of four ultimate goals that I want for my life: quietude, stability, beauty, and wonder. I know I have reached all of these at some point before; just need to find my way back.

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