February 24, 2017

back from florida!

mostly food photos here. I did a lot of things, and I even brought my camera, but I did not take my camera out. it was a very relaxing and easygoing trip in that way—just focus on doing, not so much the documenting. I had this song stuck in my head the first couple of days. ting and josh teased me about having decided to stay after only two days in florida.

wednesday: fly there, had coconut curry crepe and bubble tea for dinner
thursday: epcot
friday: universal (harry potter world!!!)
saturday: too pooped for magic kingdom; instead walked around and looked at birds, then did a ropes/zipline course. had game night, and THEY FREAKING SURPRISED ME BY HAVING SYDNEY (MY COLLEGE ROOMMATE) COME VISIT FROM NEW YORK.
sunday: magic kingdom, followed by delicious ramen dinner and DELICIOUS dessert at krungthep tea time. very amused to see bangkok's thai name in america!!
monday: kayaking (we saw dolphins) and beach (sand and salt water kept leaking out of my brain for the following three days)
tuesday: lunch in orlando with sydney's little bro, then fly home

overall, the trip was awesome and very well described by this gif of ting and josh:

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