January 29, 2017

reality vs. the dream

had a dream that I was visiting my friend ting in florida. we went grocery shopping but somehow ended up buying a lot animals instead. among these was a huge plastic bag with a small shark in it and several rocks and underwater plants. we decided on the way back to her place that we were going to toss the shark and put the plants and rocks into her fish tank. but somehow, while we were getting all the other animals situated, there was a mixup, and instead the plants ended up getting tossed, and the shark got put into ting's fish tank. the tank was already home to a rust-colored octopus, and the shark, though small, grabbed the octopus by the arms and the two began to fight. I was trying to decide if one would win, or if they were evenly matched and would just continue fighting forever, when the dream ended.

after I woke up, I looked up the meanings for seeing a shark and an octopus in your dream. the shark can represent someone whom you perceive as lacking morals. I knew immediately who that was. the octopus, on the other hand, can represent someone who is given too many things to do, or who is reaching for their desires. that's me.

it's really interesting, isn't it? the way that our daily struggles make themselves known while we are asleep. even while sleeping, I am battling the same person that I am battling during the day. who do you think will win? the shark, or the octopus?


by the way. chinese new year's day came and passed in a very quiet sort of way. had hot pot with my parents and my aunt and uncle. my grandmother was present too, but stayed quiet and didn't make trouble. and, as is my tradition, I am now posting my new year's resolutions for 2017:

  • take care of myself
  • 60k salary
  • keep knitting
  • make art
  • sell art
  • try new things
  • send more mail
  • be more organized
  • be happy

wish me luck!

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  1. Happy Chinese New Years, keep chasing after your dreams!