January 15, 2017

coming back

the only thing I even posted last year was new year's resolutions (none of which I actually accomplished). lame. but you know how it goes, right? sometimes you need to blog, and sometimes you don't. for me, the internet is where I retreat away from real life—and in 2016...well, I guess a lot was happening in real life, so I didn't need to blog.

I do have new year's resolutions for this year, but I'm going to hold off on posting them until chinese new year. it's sort of a tradition for me (which I broke last year). instead, here are some personal themes for this month/year (not sure yet):
  • animal guide: blue whale
  • new crafting endeavor: hand lettering
  • old/revived crafting endeavor: knitting
  • quote: "if you're going through hell, keep going" —winston churchill
  • colors: brown and gray-violet
by the way. I have a cat now. his name is picasso, but I usually call him p or pica. I like to tell him to chew his food ("pica, chew!" get it?) and he likes visiting my parents' house because 1) it's big, and 2) he gets to play with my pup.

there's...been a lot going on in my life lately. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. the new meds are helping. new year, new meds. I talked about suicide with my mother for the first time last thanksgiving, and I've been trying to get better since then. some days are better than others. but everyone's life is like that, right? some days better than others. I'm looking for those better days right now. hopeful that some will be coming my way soon.

stay happy and healthy, to anyone who may be stumbling across this humble blog. ♥︎

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