June 5, 2015

my sister came home for the summer, and

guess where we went?

wait...one of those pictures isn't like the others...

so it's like this: my sister and I went to the beach. this is a beach that she's been to every summer with her friends. it's a really nice, sandy beach but there's also these large flattish rocks with tide pools and cute tiny crabs and anemones, and there's this cave you can get to by climbing up some rocks and sort of edging around to the ocean side of the rock face.

ironically, the accident didn't even happen at the dangerous rock climbing part of the day. it was right after that, when we were climbing back onto the flat rocks where you can then just walk. we were on a ledge that was about 4 feet tall, and this rogue monster wave suddenly came up. it was a totally WTF IS HAPPENING moment. we weren't really expecting to get wet anymore because we were already like 10 meters in from where all the other waves were reaching, but this one came all the way up and hit us so hard. I saw my sister flying backwards (she was facing out to the ocean climbing down the ledge" and then I had a second to think, "oh shit, I'm going to fly away too and LAND RIGHT ON TOP OF HER, I'M GOING TO KILL MY SISTER!!!" so I dropped on my stomach and leaned as hard as I could away from the ledge. It was kind of shaky for a moment but I managed not to fall, and then I looked over and my sister was like on the rock surface curled on her side shaking.

actually we thought it was a sprain or a huge-ass bruise or something, because she said the pain got better and she was able to walk a little better after a while. we had to walk back across the same like 1/2 mile or so, and then hike up a steep incline to get to our car, which we accomplish over like an hour or so with me supporting her right side. and then she said she felt a bit better, and it didn't hurt when she pushed on her hip, only when she walked, so we thought it'd be okay, and drove to get dinner. but then after eating, she couldn't stand up...

so we drove to the E.R. and were there from about 8:30 pm until 1:30 am. the doctor and nurses were like "oh it looks like it's tendon pain, so it's probably a contusion or a sprain, but we'll get some x-rays taken just to be sure," so we were very optimistic, and then when the doctor came in and said, "so, you broke your pelvis" with a totally straight face, we thought he was joking, but then he was like, "...no, really. you broke your pelvis."

luckily only a small part broke, and it's only a tiny bit displaced (probably from the hike back to the car). she's going to be on crutches for at least four weeks, and she'll have to do physical therapy after that, but I think she's taking it pretty well. she was very cheerful yesterday all through the process, and she's upset right now, but only because she can't go back to school at the end of june and see her boyfriend as planned.

poor sis! I will of course be spoiling her with lots of ice cream and love. let summer 2015 forever be remembered as the summer erin broke her pelvis.

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