April 10, 2015

a present to myself

first post of APRIL. I took a short break from responsibility to celebrate finishing up the insane busyness of march, and suddenly april is 1/3 gone.

here is the new drawing tablet I purchased as a reward for myself for surviving march:

it's a huion gt-220, comparable to a cintiq 22hd, but at retailing at about 1/3 the price. I finally got around to testing the tablet features today (only used it as a tv screen the first week haha), and it is AMAZING and I LOVE IT. it basically lets me use photoshop with the smoothness and blendiness of something like paint tool sai or clip studio paint, but with the professional adjustments and brushes and tools of photoshop. I can go so much further without having to change colors than I could before. had a little hiccup of frustration where I thought photoshop broke and wouldn't work with keyboard shortcuts, but later on I figured out that the reason was that I had caps lock on and my wireless keyboard doesn't have an indicator for that. .___.

started painting my taum (adorable pudgy bird-bear creatures; info here!), dee, to test out the tablet:

I would like to say I'm about done with the head; haven't really started on the body yet, as you can see by the partial arm/wing that's showing. but BOY, I never thought I would be able to draw anything so quickly and effortlessly!! I'm so happy. and since i now effectively have dual monitors, I'll even be able to draw and watch tv at the same time in the future! haha...I gotta be honest: part of the reason I don't draw more is that I can't really do anything else while drawing. TV is my go-to hands-free activity for multitasking, but until now, I haven't been able to watch tv while drawing digitally since...I only have the one screen/laptop. BUT NO LONGER!! simultaneous arting and anime consumption is in my near future... //evil cackle

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