April 25, 2015

at long last

after nine long months of (not continuous) spinning, I finally gave birth to this baby! my friend ting (the same one who co-owns the etsy shop with me) said, "it looks just like its mama!"

the fiber is malobrigo nube, in the indiecita colorway. you get quite a lot for the price! it sells for $15 at WEBS, and although it's listed as being 4 ounces, I think mine originally weighed more like 4.7 ounces. but I lost a lot to tangling, so the end product is about 4.1 ounces (oops). anyway, I heartily recommend this fiber. I'll definitely be buying more once I use up some of my fiber stash. c:

p.s. you can ravelry heart this skein here! //winkwink

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