February 18, 2015

on new year's eve

so I admit that most of these photos were not actually taken today, on new year's eve. due to relatives' busy working schedules, we decided to have our new year's celebration a bit early, over valentine's weekend.

the nice thing about us cousins having all grown up is that now, when we hold family potlucks, there's a lot more food, since most of us cousins want to contribute too and not just tag onto our parents' dishes. that's how we ended up with three cakes! i made the lemon curd and blueberry cake (recipe found here), my cousin cindy (who is also a new mom!!) bought the cherry cheesecake, and my cousin brenda's boyfriend richard contributed the one with lots of fruit on it, which is a taro cake.

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year, to everyone who celebrates it (and those who don't as well)!!!

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  1. Happy Lunar New Year!! One of the things I love about living here in Toronto is getting to experience the celebrations of different cultures - and Lunar New Year is one of my favorites!