February 2, 2015

getting back to regularly scheduled crafting

I'm trying to use my camera more. Mostly I just take pictures of food, though I did (finally) photograph the latest batch of yarn I dyed! The above is just a little preview; the rest are secret until I'm ready to list them in the shop. c;

While I was at it, I took some pictures of some wool batts I purchased recently. Remember the cute and tiny drop spindle I got for Christmas? I want to test it out, which got me looking for fiber, which got me buying fiber, which ended with my acquisition of these three beauties:

The super colorful blue and pink one was purchased from Habetrot Fibres, and the other two are from Justadaydream. Both very excellent shops, so please check them out if you are into spinning (or if you just like pretty colors, heh).

As for the actual spinning part...well, there has been some spinning going on, but I'm determined to finish the last thing I started spinning, way back last summer (gosh). I'm almost done! I've spun and plied about 7/8 of the roving I started out with, I think. I'm not 100% sure because I've yet to find the part that I had already spun before I moved...yeah. Still not unpacked, even though it's been about four months. Or maybe over four months. Unpacking is the biggest pain about moving. Packing is a breeze in comparison.

Oh! I also watched Over the Garden Wall today. Extremely lovely little show. It's funny and childish in some ways, but also definitely something that takes an adult to truly understand. I'm loving this fanart, and this one as well. Recommend this show to everyone!

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