January 10, 2015

my vacation week

finally got some time off from work. I was only scheduled to work Monday and Tuesday of this past week. I thought that meant they were going to start cutting down on my shifts (my current contract ends january 31, and I'm waiting to hear if I'm getting an extension), but then I have the maximum number of shifts again next week, so I guess they were just giving me some (much needed) time off. perfectly timed, because my hands are starting to bother me from working at the computer for 8-9 hours a day. I think I have arthritis. my finger joints often feel sprained if I use them too much, and my knees have been bothering me lately as well.

my mother took the photo above yesterday as we were driving home from the fabric store (had to buy buttons for a baby sweater for my cousin's new daughter emmy!!). pretty weird! my mother's caption for it on facebook was, "somebody broke the sky." my realistic theory is that they were doing something on that mountaintop—maybe controlled burns or something—that caused the air above the mountain to be warmer/drier than everywhere else. my fun theory is that a ufo broke through the clouds to land in our town.

my sister just went back to school. her break this year felt so short... possibly because I was working most of the time she was home. poor thing...her flight was supposed to be yesterday at noon, but it got delayed so they didn't leave until almost 3, so of course she missed her connecting flight and had to be put in a hotel in jersey overnight. she finally made it back to her apartment at noon today, so she was traveling for a full 24 hours, basically.

ting did a small restock of our shop. there are six new skeins of worsted in there now! the ones shown above are called "chai tea" and "rainbow fish." I dyed some peapod sock a couple of days ago, but I haven't had time to photograph anything yet. yes, I know it's my break, but there are so many other things I have to do, which are more important in my parents' eyes. that is the downside of this no-rent living...but the upside (no rent) is pretty great, so.

so busy...here is my to-do list for the immediate future:
  • finish up some freelance book design stuff done this morning c:
  • update my portfolio and write a cover letter for a full-time job opening at the press that above freelance work was for
  • photograph yarns
  • print and fill in labels for yarns
  • write item descriptions for yarns and make the etsy listings
  • test out the airbrush kit I got for christmas
  • test out the little tiny baby spindle I got for christmas
  • draw my application for an rp group on deviantart
  • change my blog layout
  • finish cleaning my room, because it's currently in that stage where I've cleaned out a bunch of stuff from my dresser and closet, and all that stuff is now...scattered around my room, so that the only visible floor is a narrow path from the door to the bed.
which doesn't seem so bad until you consider that I'm out of the house for 13 hours a day, five days a week for work; and I tutor on my two free afternoons.

so yes, in summary...this week of vacation was really, really much needed. I actually did get a lot done these four days, but there is still so much to be done! it's lucky that I stopped getting stressed out about tasks and deadlines a few years back.

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