January 22, 2015


Today was an interesting day. Well, maybe only interesting to me. I now have Thursdays off from work, so I had scheduled two doctor's appointments for today. The first one was a visit to the orthodontist, which went well. My teeth are straight now! I can switch to just wearing my retainers at night again.

Second appointment was to my regular doctor for the pain I've been having in my hands. As expected, he said it sounds like arthritis. Sent me to get a blood test. I went to the lab and I was the only person under 50 there. I'd pretty much resigned myself to having at least one big health issue each year, but I hadn't expected 2015's health problem to start RIGHT away immediately off the bat.

While I was at the doctor, one of the moms whose kids I tutor texted me to say that last night, her son confessed to her how stressed he was about school and having two failing grades now, at the end of the semester. She said he's finally motivated to do well—or at least, to do better—so she would like me to tutor him for two hours a week starting next week, rather than one hour with him and one with his sister, as I'd been doing.

We had our tutoring session this evening, and it went well. I can definitely see a difference in his attitude. He used to just answer "I don't know" to everything, but today he actually thought about things and was more energetic and willing to try things out. I helped him with math and chemistry concepts, and he was able to understand everything we went over by the end of the lesson. I hope his newfound motivation lasts!! It's so sad to see kids do worse than what they're capable of just because they're not interested in school.

Well, despite having the joints of a person three times my age, I'm happy. It was just a good day. A good week? As usual, I cannot tell why I am happy, but I am grateful to be happy all the same. It's so much more fun and less stressful to be happy than not.

Wait, I have to amend that previous paragraph. I said I don't know why I am happy, but I guess the free stuff I got from work on Tuesday didn't hurt! We're moving offices, so they're giving away a lot of things for free. Here's what I brought home:

Two art prints, some wrapping paper in two different designs, and a stack of fancy gold metallic foil paper. We use them as envelope liners, but I'm going to make origami balls with them. Maybe I'll wait 'til my hands feel better, though.

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  1. Oh the fun of being the youngest one in the waiting room by 30 years! I've been there. Autoimmune disease runs in my family (both my mom and grandmother have rheumatoid arthritis) and the beginnings of the joint pain started for me several years back. If yours is also arthritis, I've found that taking glucosamine supplements helps immensely with the joint pain, I'm fairly sure it works on normal arthritis & not just the autoimmune kind. Good luck!