November 8, 2014


Two things came my way quite unexpectedly yesterday. The first thing was the flu. The second, significantly happier thing was a job.

A job!! A full-time job!! It's only temporary, but with a chance for a permanent position after a couple of months. It's going to be a mix of art and design, which sounds pretty perfect to me. The pay is not that exciting, but still more than I've made in the past.

It was all very sudden. I had an interview with a staffing agency in the morning, and then, after the adrenaline had gone away, I started feeling sick, so I went home and crashed. Woke up in the afternoon to the sound of my phone ringing. I actually missed the call because I was stuck in sleep paralysis, but then (probably because I was sick and not thinking clearly, because I NEVER call back), I called the number back, and a very friendly lady informed me that I now have a job!

I'm starting next Thursday, which is going to involve some shifting of next week's tutoring schedule, and then afterwards I might ask a few of my favorite students if they're open to weekend tutoring. We'll see. I feel bad canceling on them on such short notice, but I really wasn't expecting an opportunity to come my way like this.

As for the flu, it's now under control with the help of Tylenol (i.e. the last pain killer/fever reducer I am able to take without getting stomach ulcers). I'm still a tiny bit shaky, but nothing too bad. So on the whole, things are pretty good right now. c:

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