October 13, 2014

hi! long time no post, but i haven't given up on this blog yet.

i'm happily settled in in california. days are currently very full. i am tutoring from about 4:30 to 8 or 9 at night Mondays through Thursdays, and working on lots of freelance design work after that. and also drawing and applying to jobs when i have time.

i also started playing piano again, for the first time in a few years. i have come to realize that my hands grew noticeably in the 5 years since my high school graduation, so i have to relearn all the muscle memory. i keep playing a ninth whenever i reach for an octave. in high school, i couldn't even reach a ninth!! now i can almost, almost reach a tenth. i'm going to try to record myself playing something once i finish learning the piece i'm working on right now. piano is infinitely more fun when you're not working on the SAME THREE PIECES for six months, and all of them JUST on the wrong side of too difficult.

my mommy cooks for me in exchange for me doing the dishes. this weekend, she made 滷肉飯 (marinated pork rice). i haven't tasted such delicious taiwanese cuisine in almost a year.

so above is a normal bowl of it...and below is my bowl:

in case you couldn't tell, i really like pickled radishes.

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