August 17, 2014


my computer is on the brink of death. starting a while back, it thinks the shift key is constantly pressed on the built-in keyboard, so I had to download a program to disable the built-in shift key and buy an external keyboard to be placed on top of the normal keyboard. the trackpad was the next to go...the computer thinks the trackpad is constantly being pressed, and the effect is that you can't actually click anything. so now I can only use my external mouse.

now it's looking like the power is next on the list. it'll just randomly turn itself off or reboot at times, despite being fully charged. and then, since the program that disables the shift key doesn't open until i'm logged in, it boots in safe mode (what happens when you hold the shift key) unless I'm really on the ball and press cmd within 1 second of it restarting. sigh, sigh. my macbook pro has lasted me over 4 years, and I've been generally pretty happy with it, but why couldn't it wait until after i found a full-time job to enter the death stage?

my other woe is that, due to a combination of spinning and using only a mouse (as opposed to switching between trackpad and mouse), my carpal tunnel syndrome is acting up a little. not as bad as it has been in the past, but i'm trying to rest it as much as possible.

on a cuter (but potentially annoying) note, the lemon rat has discovered the miracle of toilet paper! her newest hobby is unraveling the toilet paper from the roll and pulling it into the closet (there's a door connecting my bathroom to the closet). which is adorable, but will probably get old really, really fast.

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