August 28, 2014

s-s-s-s-some things

tomorrow I find out whether I've got a job or not. if yes, then YESSSSSS. I'll get to stay here, and I'll move in with my friend ting. if not, then...back to california and my parents' house. I'm okay with that too, if it's only for a little while. I've got a bunch of students lined up for tutoring, so I'll be making a lot of money, considering my parents aren't making me pay rent.

this is the first time this week I've felt like I've finished all the tasks I was supposed to do. I finally returned my internet modem, mailed all the things I was supposed to mail, and it's just a lovely day outside and I feel good. I was kind of stressed earlier because mailing things is unexpectedly difficult sometimes, but then I treated myself to an extremely large iced coffee and walked home and it's sunny and there's a nice breeze and I feel happy.

I've been trying to draw something every day. i'm constantly frustrated with my art skill level, and I decided to just draw every day, even if it's something really ugly and crappy, in the hope that this will help me get better. yesterday I did the above character thumbnail sketches. the top two were done in an outliney way and the bottom two in a silhouetty way. I really like some of them and I really hate some. I'm going to do more today, using grayscale (as opposed to just black and white). I also have a little collection of painted foods, but I'm waiting to fill the canvas before I show them.

I'm getting a new computer sometime this weekend. mine is almost 5 years old, and is about to die, and nothing works, and it's just time. my poor bank account is going to be sad, but...I need a computer. I was considering getting a PC because they're supposed to be cheaper than macbooks, but then the only one I liked sold out before I could buy it, and everything else I looked at either won't be good enough for graphics and stuff, or aren't significantly cheaper than a macbook pro. I was also considering a cintiq companion, which would REALLY have hurt my bank account, but I mean, I'm willing to spend money on stuff if I think it's worth it. but then I realized that the screen is too small to really be used as a primary computer, and my intuos4 still works, so it wasn't worth it to me in the end. but someday...I still have hope, haha.

singing along to extremely girly songs makes me happy even though I have a crappy voice.

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