July 14, 2014

knit tally

no photos today because I'm in the middle of packing/moving, and everything is a mess and there is no space to lay things out and photograph them. but, having packed all my handknits into a big suitcase yesterday, I want to reveal the tally of all the things I've knit (and kept) these past five years.

Things I've Knit Since Coming to Pittsburgh
socks: 24 pairs and one (1) single sock
hats: 22 (although I know there should be one more that I'm missing right now)
scarves/cowls/shawls: 22
things that go on hands/arms: 5
other: 3

works in progress: 10 (of which 4 will be frogged upon reaching the new place)

some other stats/info:
  • of the 24 pairs of socks, 10 have never been worn, and 4 have been worn so much that they can no longer be worn.
  • the "other" section turned out to be completely comprised of crocheted doilies (okay, not knit, but whatever), not because I never knit anything that goes into the "other" category, but because I tend not to finish those things, and thus they have been categorized into "works in progress" instead.
  • approximately half of all projects have not have ends woven in, regardless of whether they've been worn before or not.
  • I've knit many more shawls than the four I still have here, but I tend to taken them home because I'm more comfortable blocking them there.
  • of the 6 WIPs that will not be frogged, I plan to finish three right off the bat. they were things that I stopped knitting because I ran out of yarn and had to order more, and then was working on other things once the yarn came, so I just sort of forgot about them. and another is a large long-term project that I work on slowly.
  • this list does not include things I've knitted and either taken home to california or given away. which is also a significant number. (according to ravelry, I've knitted 32 gifts in the past 5 years. but I don't know how consistent I was with tagging them as such.)

yup, so in conclusion, I have way too many handknits. I'll go through them again once my sister gets here and see if she wants to keep any for the cold Pittsburgh winters. and then...I don't know, haha. I want to get rid of some, so maybe I'll divvy them up for Christmas presents this year.


  1. hey, i know that feeling. moving from the snow belt to florida was an exercise in "what do i do with these hats, mitts, and scarves?" for sure.

    1. at least I live in a part of california that does have winters, so I can use at least some of them...but yeah, I definitely don't need 20-something thick wooly hats! just two or three light ones will do just fine. XD