July 12, 2014

how to resuscitate a dead router cord

my router cord almost bid this world goodbye today, but justice prevailed in the end.

after suffering a brutal attack by a furry white beast (otherwise known as Lemon Rat, my router cord was hanging onto life by a single, delicate thread. connection was spotty, and thus internet was slow. when I pulled the plug out in order to reset the router and combat internet slowness, the cord finally lost its life.

BUT I, being the amazing and resourceful human being I am, managed to resuscitate it!

materials used:
- a sheet of copper, left over from architect school days
- some extremely boss scissors which were able to slice through this relatively thick sheet of copper
- gorilla tape
- a packing peanut
- an extra-large, super-strength binder clip

you'll notice that a little bit below the repaired area, there is another gorilla-taped spot. I found another danger zone on the cord, so I taped it as a preventative measure.

oh, and also, those black things on the floor? those are pieces of the baseboard that my rat pried off. it's tough being a pet owner.

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