June 25, 2014

spinning while crying bitter tears

my new spinning project. I caved and bought some malabrigo roving—so soft and with such lovely colors! other than the blue and purple, there are also pale apple green parts and whitish parts and deep teal parts and almost gold parts. this is going to be a fingering weight because that is my favorite weight of yarn and the easiest for me to spin.

so the eye thing from last time turned out to be a corneal ulcer. I imagine this little secretary sitting inside my body flipping through calendar pages and going, "Hmm, well, last year we did the peptic ulcer, so this time let's try a corneal ulcer!" maybe I should just stop making my yearly resolution of having fewer health issues than the previous year; it never, ever comes true.

instagram pic of me in my misery. I don't normally have that eyelid crease, by the way. I'm single-lidded and proud. but the swelling makes that deep line when I try to open my right eye.

currently, I'm using these antibacterial eye drops every hour. they make my eyes very wet and the excess fluid drains into my throat. the drops are also very bitter, so there is a constant nasty taste in the back of my throat. I'm literally crying bitter tears, people. there is something tragically poetic about that.

sorry for only instagram pics. it might be that way for a while, because I can't look at the computer screen long enough to edit normal photos.


  1. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!
    And that spinning project looks gorgeous so far. Makes me want to finally take up spinning...

  2. I had a corneal ulcer once myself, so I feel your pain, literally. For me, it only took a few days with the drops to get much better, so I hope you start getting back to "normal" soon! In the mean time, lovely spinning! I can't wait to see the final yarn.

  3. ugh, no fun at all. hope things clear up soon and bitter tears morph into twinkling delight at the pretty yarn on your spindle.

  4. Ouch - I hope it clears up soon. That roving is gorgeous.

  5. Oh no :( I hope the eye feels better very soon! There is nothing fun about bitter tears...

    I do love the spinning you are working on despite your one eye-ness :P The colours are gorgeous and it is so much easier to stick with our default spinning versus attempting to spin thinner or thicker than usual!