June 9, 2014

socks abound

1. just plain socks in v yarn scops, drums in the deep colorway
2. rainbow socks in socks that rock, crabby mchappypants colorway
3. toe-up rye socks in dream in color everlasting sock, brownie colorway

whenever I don't want to put effort into figuring out what to knit, I knit socks. the first pair are just plain stockinette socks, toe up with a short-row heel, the way I've been doing them for the past three years. the second pair was a rare journey into cuff-down land, although after I started knitting the first sock, I realized I could just as easily have knit the pattern toe-up.

the third pair, though! toe-up, but with a gusseted heel instead of short row. I tried knitting socks like this before, but I couldn't figure out when to start the heel flap, so they turned out too big, which kind of turned me off knitting socks this way, and I went back to my usual short row heel. but lately people keep telling me I should knit socks this way, and that they fit so much better—so I gave it another go, and I think I've got the hang of it now. and—they really do fit amazingly well! there's none of the awkward ankle bunching sliding thing that sometimes happens with the short row heeled socks. they stay put on your feet better too, because of the shaping. I think I'm definitely going to be using this construction for my future socks. so...you may see a pair of gusseted heel socks very soon, with one of the yarns I dyed last weekend. c:


  1. I love all three pairs! I am a cuff-down sock knitter, but I recently have tried knitting toe-up to break out of my comfort zone :P Have you tried the Fish Lips Kiss Heel? I love using that heel on either toe-up or cuff-down socks and like the fit too. Can't wait to see your dyed yarn as a sock :P

    1. Have not tried the fish lips kiss heel yet, but I've been wanting to! I might try that next. c: