June 12, 2014

knitting for babies

so I gotta admit, I've often admired other bloggers' and knitters' baby knits and longed to knit some tiny little bonnets and sweaters myself. but I always talk myself out of it, because I don't know anyone with children, except one cousin, but I'm not particularly close with her, and her daughters have grown into the age where sweaters aren't that cute and fast to knit anymore.

but this yarn—I had all the yarn I dyed last time laid out, trying to decide which skein to wind, and I was thinking to myself, "what in the world would I ever make with that pineapple skein?" (although, truthfully, it's not so much pineapple colored as just generally tropical, but I like pineapples, so I call it the pineapple skein.)

and then it hit me—the pineapple skein was destined to become a baby sweater. specifically, the february baby sweater. I bought Knitter's Almanac a few years ago, pretty much solely for the february baby sweater. and then I never knit one, because I never had anyone to knit it for. but once I thought of a pineapple baby sweater, I couldn't get the thought out of my head. the image just stuck. so it happened:

voila! pineapple baby sweater! and yeah, maybe I don't know anyone with a baby, or anyone who's going to have a baby, but someday, someone, will have one, and when that day comes, BOY, WILL I BE READY.

p.s. buttons will come when they come. or when a baby comes.

p.p.s. I'm having some trouble with image color on blogger; does anyone have experience with this issue? for now, please head to ravelry to see the real colors. c:


  1. made of win! that color is seriously perfect for a baby; so cheery.

  2. That is a gorgeous baby sweater! You have skills in the dyeing department too :D

    I have the same problem as you, I love all the baby knitwear out there but all of the kids in my family are big enough that it is almost like knitting a sweater for an adult :P