June 30, 2014


thanks to everyone for your comments on my last post. my eye is doing much better. there's still a little hole in my cornea, but it's getting smaller, and it's no longer painful and infected.

I'm also no longer sensitive to the light! which means I can now turn up the brightness on my computer screen and edit some photos. hence these pictures of my spinning progress. I really love this color. I've since finished this ball of singles and plied them, and I think I am really going to love this yarn. I'm waiting to soak and weight them and skein it up until after I've spun some more, but I can't wait to hold those delicately cascading strands and ooh and ahh over the lovely gradient.

I broke the roving into a few sections and tore it apart along its length so that I would have two strips of basically the same color pattern. I spun the second section the opposite way of the first section, so that when I plied from both ends of the center pull ball, the same-ish colors would match up, with a bit of overlap. it's working out pretty well, I think. will show the full glory of it (at least I hope it will be glorious) once I'm done spinning the rest!

also, the roving, so you can see more of the colors:

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