June 23, 2014

a fun thing and a not fun thing.

went to hersheypark with some friends yesterday. had a lot of fun seeing our two jersey girls. what's more, i didn't damage josh's car this time when taking my turn to drive! last time the three of us (josh and ting and me, from the left of the photo) drove somewhere, I sent one of his hubcaps flying...so this was a significant improvement.

the not fun thing is that my right eye is totally fucked. my right eye has always been a sensitive creature. for the past month or two it's been having dryness problems, then allergy problems, and now it's swollen and i can't open it because the air hurts it, and there is a white thing on the iris.

I gave myself an eyepatch because if I keep my right eye covered then at least I can keep my left eye open. it also keeps the air from blowing across my right eye. I did redo the eyepatch after this photo was taken, so it's neater now, with just a green border on the top and bottom. i will definitely go see a doctor in the morning.

p.s. i did not get a hair cut before the eyepatch picture was taken. it was tied up in the back because I went to bed with my hair wet last night and woke up with a giant inflated pineapple on my head.

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