May 17, 2014

when is your baby coming out?

when we were thinking of things we should ask kaki, ting said that she wanted to ask her, "when is your baby coming out?" and then have kaki be like, "my baby? do you mean my album?" and ting would be like, "no, the small human being!" or something similar. in the end, ting was too busy trying not to pass out from the excitement of meeting her dream woman in person to ask the question, but it was a good one anyway.

anyway, this is an FO post for the baby vest I knit for kaki king. the pattern is milo by tikki knits aka georgie hallam. really an awesome pattern. not that I have much experience in knitting vests or baby clothes, but the construction of this vest seemed so magical to me while I was knitting it.

ravelried here! I didn't have enough of any one yarn, so I used a bunch of scraps, held double, changing one yarn at a time, to get a blue-green gradient that i think turned out fairly well.

there is also a "milo may" event going on, so the pattern is $1 off for the rest of may. and if you knit a milo and tag it "milomay2014" you're in the running to win one of a bunch of amazing yarny prizes! i actually found out about milo may because i decided to knit this pattern, and not the other way around, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out there was this awesome event going on.

I want to close with a couple more pictures: the milo vest and the two hats i gave kaki and her wife (free pattern by me here), and the absolutely adorable owl hat that ting knit for their baby-to-be. i really hope kaki posts some pictures of the baby wearing our gifts once it arrives!! i'm not much of a twitter person, but I will definitely be stalking kaki's twitter to see if she does. c:

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  1. I'm loving the little Milo vest! I've got a niece on the way in August and it looks like a neat pattern to try! Thanks for posting!