May 11, 2014

the fabulous first avenger

it was time for some socks. despite the lack of knitting posts lately, I've actually been knitting more or less continuously. or maybe i mean consistently. anyway, I've been making a summer top to send to my mother for mother's day, and i finished last week, so I made some socks. (no pictures of the top because it looks kind of sad without a model in it.)

anyway, the yarn I used is from V yarn. the colorway is called "first avenger" as in captain america but...well, it's pink with gold sparkles. you can't see the sparkles that well in the photos, but in real life they're very sparkly. i found it very amusing that a captain america yarn was pink and sparkly, which was mostly why i bought the yarn. well, at least, at first it was just amusing, but then the farther i got while knitting these, the more i thought they seemed like socks captain america might actually wear (i mean, if his feet were about half the size they actually are).

so now i am the proud owner of a very fabulous sparkly pair of captain america's socks. my lemon rat likes them too, as you can see.

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