May 15, 2014

meeting kaki

if you haven't heard of kaki king, you should definitely go look her up right now. like, RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE. she is a wonderful and amazing guitarist. in addition to releasing albums and playing shows, she has also played the hands of August Rush (here is an adorable picture of her filming for that). Here are a few of my favorite videos of her playing: 1, 2, 3, 4.

anyway. last weekend my friend ting and i went to kaki's show, entitled The Neck is a Bridge to the Body, in the D.C. area. so super amazing!! it was seriously a mindblowing experience. and we experienced it TWICE. in a row. because there was a 7:30 show and a 9:30 show, and we went to BOTH. because we knew as soon as we found out that there would be two shows that we had to go to BOTH.

the concept of The Neck is a Bridge to the Body is that, in addition to being an instrument for auditory art, the guitar is transformed into a visual art canvas. there are images and textures projected onto the guitar, and complementing images/movies projected onto a big screen behind kaki while she plays. the story being told was basically "kaki plays the universe into existence." or at least that was how i interpreted it. some of the images were really abstract, so i guess different people might see it differently.

her guitar setup

all the gear and pedals and stuff

ting in front of the guitar and stuff

kaki playing!


we also won a contest for a meet & greet with her. it was one of those where you get the most friends to click the link to win, and we had more than three times the number of clicks of the next highest person, whoo~~ kaki and her wife jessica are having a baby soon, so of course, being a knitter, i had to bring her happy baby handknits. i also gave her hats for mommy and mommy. ting brought her an adorable little owl hat for the baby. she gave us hugs!! she said we were adorable!! we took pictures together!! kaki wore the hat i gave her in the picture!!

life is good. kaki is adorable. she is about 5 feet tall. I was shocked to find that i was 3-4 inches taller than her.

she's going to do an actual tour with this show sometime in the fall, so keep an eye out, and GO TO THE SHOW!! i'm definitely going to see it again. and definitely going to buy the dvd. and the album!! support kaki!! support adorable guitarists everywhere!!

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