April 21, 2014


I really love how this project turned out. it is a very warm double-sided, double-looped scarf. or perhaps it ought to count as a cowl. either way, I am pretty enamored with it. it's just too warm to wear it now (finally!), but I imagine I'll get a lot of use out of it next winter. unless I end up moving to south carolina or something.

the pattern is kentmere by lily kate, and the yarn is beaverslide 2-pl sport/sock weight, in the globemallow and barley heather colorways. I love this yarn to death! it smells pleasantly like sheep. like, the lushness of pure, natural sheep's wool without the poo smell. I couldn't stop smelling it every two rows while I was knitting.

the pattern is supposed to work with any stitch pattern, but I couldn't get good stitch definition with any of the stitch patterns I tried, so in the end I went for double-knit stockinette. one color on each side. it was a little tricky to do the joins and twists with two layers of fabric, but I think I managed it pretty well. I like that it makes for a stiffer cowl that stays up around your neck, but at the same time, it's still totally soft and ultra-squishy.

ravelry page for this project is here! c:

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