April 5, 2014

in chinese, "dumpling" sounds almost the same as "sleep"

I would consider myself pretty decent at making dumplings, but I had a hard time with these. I bought dumpling wraps a long time ago but never got around to actually making the dumplings until this week, so when I opened the wraps, they were all crusty and gross. I tried to work with them but they kept breaking because they were too stiff. So I ended up making my own dumpling skins.

I've made skins before, but only when I was making dumplings with my mom; I'd make skins and hand them off immediately to my mother, who would then wrap the dumplings. Working by myself, I found out that the skins dry out pretty quickly, and also stick to each other in the stack. That's why the edges are all wrinkly—they dried out and cracked.

This batch was from Thursday. I think I'm going to cook them as potstickers instead of dumplings; I feel like they're pretty fragile, and I think they'll hold up better if they're not rolling around in a pot of boiling water. I did make another batch yesterday. I used a higher ratio of water in the dough and instead of putting them in one big stack, made little stacks of 8, which I put into sandwich bags until I was ready to use. It worked out a lot better, but since it was midnight and the lighting was bad, I didn't get photos. I'm okay with that. Even though I can see all the flaws in the first batch when I hold them up, I think they look just fine in the photos.


  1. excuse me while i salivate and envy your handiwork.

  2. These are beautiful and look delicious! I've never made dumplings before but I love having them when I'm out... maybe I should give it a try.

    1. You should! It's pretty fun. I don't know, I kind of get into a zen state when I do it, haha.

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