March 2, 2014

the title of the piece is 'wild growth;' i wish i had some kind of nifty metaphor to make

my sister is staying at my place this weekend so she can work on stuff for her portfolio. she's applying for a design minor, so she's been crazily making art to meet the portfolio requirement. seeing her make all this stuff makes me want to do art too...

doodled this while sort-of watching the second season of kuroko no basuke. by 'sort-of watching' i guess i mean 75% listening and only 25% watching. i've already read the manga so i'm finding it hard to focus on the show. anyway...i had started this zentangle in january, but i didn't get too far before i decided i wasn't really feeling it. but then yesterday i started working on it again and i think it turned out pretty well, in the end.

it's all snowy outside. snow is still such a novelty for me, having grown up in california. the part of california i'm from, it does get below freezing, but it's only snowed once there my whole life. in 2002, i believe. i think they said the last time before that was in 1988. i can't believe it's still snowing this much in march. it's even stranger when you consider that just yesterday, it was warm enough for me to wear a short skirt and not-very-thick tights out when i went to eat with friends. it was sort of a joint birthday thing for me and my friend ting, whose birthday is a week after mine.

i kind of lost the thread of what i was talking about. so i'll just end this here. this kind of thing happens to me a lot, i think.

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