March 11, 2014

spring break

hi! i'm on vacation this week, for spring break. not that i really have a spring break, because i'm not a student anymore (thank god for that). but my friend ting was going home for spring break and her family invited me to come along too. ting lives in northern virginia, and it is just the loveliest place! this is the second time i've been here, and i like it a lot.

ting's parents go on a walk every day, and ting and i joined them on a couple of days. took some pictures of the trail that runs behind their neighborhood.

we also had a little belated birthday celebration for me and ting. her parents are so sweet to include me too. there were even presents!

ting and me posing with diploma and presents and cake.

a little boxed set of tea leaves—coincidentally coordinated with ting's present to me

birthday card, handpainted by ting's mommy, who has some serious skills!

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