February 15, 2014

work it

Did I mention that I got a job? Well...I got a job!

Not a full-time job, unfortunately. But I'm now working one day a week at the press. Before, I was just working for them on a freelance basis, but now I even have my own desk at the office and everything. It's pretty amusing being there for the whole day. As Connie, the production manager, says, "It's like a sitcom!" There's just all this crazy shit happening at once, and then at any moment the director might walk in and say something totally random and scripted and hilarious.

There's sometimes downtime for me, because I work pretty quickly, and then sometimes when I finish, everyone else is in a meeting or otherwise occupied, so there's no one to give me my next assignment. On my first day, I worked on this font during those times:

As you can see, I managed to get most of the alphabet done, except for X Y and Z, which I don't really have any ideas for yet. And then I'll have to do the numbers and punctuation. There's also going to be a version where the triangles are filled with lines instead of being solid black.

I wish I could show the design stuff I've been doing for work!! I'm so proud. I think I'm actually progressing as a designer lately.

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