February 17, 2014

I also got my first paycheck today!

There is a part of my life that is called, "Whenever My Sister Comes Over She Makes a Mess." I realized after yesterday's blocking session that there is white lint ALL over my white rug. It is from the time my sister came over and was cutting white and yellow minky fabric on my living room floor. You can't see the lint normally since the rug is also white, but after blocking my shawls and stuff, they came up covered in lint.

I finished weaving in ends today and had time to photograph two of the three things I blocked yesterday before the good lighting faded.

The Angel's Garden doily. The angels didn't really come out in the yarn/hook combination I used. I'm currently working on a second one, now that I've bought more sizes of crochet hooks.

And here is a comparison of before blocking (14") and after blocking (20"):

I was in a hurry and didn't spend a lot of time photographing this, but here is my finished follow your arrow shawl, finally! It was the first MKAL project that I've ever finished (I've started 3 others), and I had lots of fun. I used Malabrigo lace in the Rhodesian colorway. Took just over one skein to finish. I did clues BBBAB.

I might try to get better photos of it tomorrow.

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