February 28, 2014

it was my birthday

on the 26th. yayyy me. yay, happy birthday. I'm 23. I feel maybe...22? which is the closest I've ever felt to my real physical age on my birthday. typically in the past I've felt 2-4 years younger than I really am. and apparently I also look 2-4 years younger than I really am. my sister made a new friend when she visited yale last weekend, and when he saw a picture of us on facebook, he thought I was a year older than her. I am actually five years older than her though.

been doing clay stuff again lately. making mokume gane slabs and then using them to make beads. this is what the slab looks like, and then I shave bits off of them to put over the beads, which I just make out of white sculpey, because it's cheaper than the good stuff.

the problem is that I haven't touched my clay for a year or two, and the translucent stuff, which is what I usually use most of, is all hardened and crumbly. basically unworkable. I cut it all up into little crumbs and put it in a baggy with some oil, which made it softer, but it's still crumbly. when I do manage to knead some into a ball, the ball feels strange...like it has some weird surface tension. I asked erin and she agreed. she was like, "are you sure this is solid clay? it feels like it has a foam center or something." but yeah, just solid clay....

anyway, I don't want to waste 1/3 pound of clay though, because that stuff is expensive. so I'm trying to make do, and in the meantime, I will probably end up settling for using more opaque clay than I'm used to. the ones in these photos are translucent still, but the ones I did after this were more opaque, because my hands started hurting from kneading the translucent clay. I looked online to see if other people using this brand had this problem, but no one seemed to. all the reviews were like, "this is the best clay I've ever worked with! stays super soft and never crumbles, even if you leave it for years and years!" um. right.

I ordered a bunch of silver chains and jewelry findings and stuff, to make these beads into bracelets/necklaces. and then hopefully...I will open my etsy shop soon. kind of a shop based on a general aesthetic rather than focusing on a particular category of products. a "tea for nomads" aesthetic, because that is the shop name.


  1. holy crud--my birthday is one day off from yours! belated birthday wishes from a fellow fish :).

    that cake looks delicious, btw.

    1. well happy birthday! :) pisces foreverrrrr~~~

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I don't think I have ever felt my age whenever the birthday rolls around, but I do love your birthday cake :P.