February 5, 2014


I don't crochet very often. I learned how to, about a year after I learned how to knit, but I only crochet once every couple of years. Honestly, I'm just not as attracted to crocheted fabrics as I am to knitted ones.

But this past week, nothing was going right for me, knitting-wise. I started and frogged and started over several different projects, and I was getting so frustrated and not liking anything I was making, so I decided to crochet instead.

95% of the time, there are only two types of crochet projects I am remotely interested in: blankets and doilies. Blankets are expensive, though, and also require much planning, so—doily:

I'm also apparently having photography issues, in addition to my knitting issues. Took so many pictures, kept so few. Sigh. I also have several other things I need to take pictures of at some point, but I just don't want to touch my camera lately...

Next post, I will show you what I (finally, after many, many tries) decided to do with these yarns:

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