January 11, 2014

the first post

So I thought I'd try the blogging thing.  I think I tried it a couple of times before, maybe.  I don't know.  It was a long time ago.  Like ten years ago.  Which for me, at not-quite-twenty-three, is a long time.

I guess some people start off their blog with a bang.  I will start, instead, in the most boring way possible.  So here is a post that is nothing but text.

What I think this blog will be about is:
  • knitting
  • my search for a full-time job
  • a bit of my daily life
  • art, maybe?
  • other crafts that I sometimes dabble in
  • photos of things that are pretty
  • words or images I find inspiring
  • a place to share my thoughts
  • a corner of the internet to call home

Yes, that sounds about right.

This seems all right for a first post.  Next time, I will introduce myself a bit.

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