January 28, 2014

more knitting; and also granita

This week's Follow Your Arrow clue was a short one. I finished in 70 minutes. Well, I finished about five hours after I started knitting, because I knit for ten minutes and then fell asleep. Yesterday was a weird day for me, sleep-wise.

Sorry for the awful nighttime photos, but I also made spiced apple granita! It was delicious and easy. Just melt half of a cup of sugar in 1.5 cups of boiling water, add some clove powder, take it off the heat and add apple cider, pour in a flattish baking pan and freeze. Then after an hour or so, you can start scraping the surface of the thing lightly with a spoon. Repeat every thirty minutes until the whole thing is flaky and loose and wonderful.

I always love cold desserts in cold weather. I'm not really sure why. But to be totally honest, the reason I made this wasn't because of the weather (although it has been SO, SO COLD). Really, I just wanted to use this adorable jar that I just emptied:

And that is the whole and entire reason.


  1. I am loving how your shawl is turning out. The colours you chose are beautiful!

    And I understand the impulse of cute jars, mason jars are my weakness :P

    1. Thank you!

      I haven't much of a jar collection yet, but I'm hoping it'll grow. :)