January 29, 2014

i made these books

Okay I didn't make these books. But I designed them!

I finally got my designer's copies of this year's poetry books a couple of weeks ago, and I photographed them about a week ago, and yesterday I finally got around to editing the photos for my portfolio. It takes me a week to do everything, I guess.

Anyway, since I have the photos now, I thought I'd share them here too. Here they are, in chronological order of when I designed them:

Selvage, published spring 2013:

Fibonacci Batman, also from spring 2013:

The Fingerbone, a Carnegie Mellon Classic, which means it's a reprinting, but with a new design. They always incorporate the image of the original cover into the new design.

Pretenders, out next week! The original image was super grainy in the most awful way, so I pulled it up on my computer screen, took a picture, and used that. It has kind of a vintage effect. Still grainy, but I think it works a little better this way—and Connie, the production manager, thinks so too. She told me she tells that story to everyone, which made me absurdly pleased. I also designed the book interior for this one in addition to the cover.

And finally, How I Went Red. Here's a secret: half of that photo of the girl is fake! The author sent that photo in, but the composition wasn't working, so I painted more onto it in order to extend the photo.

Yep. There's a couple more I've worked on, and a couple more I'm working on, but I'm not allowed to talk about those yet. It's kind of frustrating trying to find a job when there are so many things you can't put into your portfolio yet. But I guess I have other things in there, so...fingers crossed I hear back from some of the places I applied to today!


  1. I would never have known that the last cover was altered! I love the designs and am amazed by your work!

    1. thank you!! it means a lot to me. c: