January 31, 2014

Happy Lunar New Year!

It's finally lunar new year!! Which means 1) it's now officially the year of the horse, and 2) I've finalized my new year's resolutions.

It's kind of a tradition for me to think of my resolutions of the year on New Year's Day, and then play around with the list to see whether it'll be doable. Lunar New Year is my personal deadline to finish up my new year's resolutions.

I originally had 7 or 8 items on the list, but I quickly realized that some of them were impossible for me right now, and some of them just weren't that important for me, personally, to achieve. So I narrowed it down to four, but expanded each of those four items into a step-by-step list. Having small steps leading up to a big goal makes it seem less daunting—or anyway, makes it seem like you're achieving much more.

So here's what I ended up with:

For art:
  1. finish current commissions
  2. do pixel art until I feel ready to draw again
  3. try the semi-realism thing
  4. get over my negative feelings about digital painting
  5. do backgrounds, starting with just using a colored canvas instead of white
  6. and then gradually getting up to real backgrounds
For health:
  1. get better from this ulcer
  2. honey fast to detox and start things off fresh
  3. eat regularly
  4. eat smaller amounts at a time
  5. go on walks
  6. stretch every day
  7. do situps
  8. develop my right arm muscles until they match the left arm in size and strength
For reading:
  1. track how much I read in order to motivate myself to read more
  2. use the counter of 400 words per page for online readings
  3. read at least 10,000 pages in 2014
For money:
  1. get a full-time job!!!
  2. then reward myself with a (small) weaving loom
  3. do the etsy thing
  4. end the year with at least $____ in savings (will decide later once I figure out how much support I'll have from my parents)
  5. if I meet this goal, reward myself with a new computer
Here's to a healthy and productive year of the horse!!

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  1. happy lunar new year to you! best of luck accomplishing your resolutions.