January 16, 2014

followin' my arrow~

It's here!!! I was really restless all Monday and Tuesday because the yarn I ordered for Ysolda's Follow Your Arrow mystery kal hadn't gotten here yet. Got it yesterday morning, though, and look how pretty!

It even came caked, which was really exciting for me, because I've only been using hand-wound balls for the past four years. It's Malabrigo Lace in the "rhodesian" colorway. I was probably influenced somewhat by the graphic for the mkal...but I think my color is a little more rusty and earthy and ME. Not that I am a particularly earthy person. I just tend to wear rusty reds and oranges a lot (but not as much as mustard yellow).

When the clue first came out on Monday morning, I read through the pattern and decided to go with 1A, because of the weird and awesome construction that was going on, but then after seeing other ravelry users' photos, I wanted to do 1B instead because it looked a little like a sunflower, and that is always irresistible to me. I've started a little, but due to knitting without using my brain, I messed up and had to undo a lot, so there's not really anything to show as of yet. Next time, I guess.

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