January 21, 2014

follow your arrow, week 2

I promise I do actually do things other than knit. Just...not a lot of things.

So here's the shawl after finishing clue 2. I did 2B. 2A was a symmetrical and lightly lacy thing, but I was afraid it'd turn out too lacy and girly in combination with 1B, so I went with 2B. Not that lacy and girly is a bad thing—as evidenced by the pink lacy shawl that's my other project right now—but just not what I want for this project.

And here is a picture of lemon rat being held by my sister.

Right after this was taken, I gave her a new toy (a mouse-shaped cat toy). She immediately tore the outer shell open, ripped out all the stuffing and discarded it in her bathroom, and then took the emptied shell into her hut to sleep with. I tried to get photos of that, but it's pretty dark in my apartment at all times other than 10am-1pm, and Ningmeng is a pretty fidgety creature, so all the photos turned out blurry. I'm trying to teach her the 'wait' command so that she'll stay still if I tempt her with food. It's a work in progress.

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