January 14, 2014

Finally, some knitting!

This is a knitting post!

Now that the introductions and whatnot are out of the way, I'm finally going to start posting real, crafty content. Starting with this lovely thing I've been working on:

This is the Spring Leaves shawl by Katrin Vorbeck. You know how sometimes with a knitting project, you start with a pattern, and sometimes you start with some yarn? This project definitely started with the yarn for me. I've had it since my first year at university. Thrifted a cashmere sweater for $6 and ended up with lots and lots of pink (magenta?) cashmere cobweb weight. Or at least I think it's cobweb weight. It's about 36 wpi. At any rate, it's definitely the finest yarn I've ever knit with. So soft and luscious, too.

Also, guess who came home yesterday!

I had a friend take care of Ningmeng for me while I was at home (my parent's home? Not sure what to call that place anymore) over the holidays. Just got her back. I'm very pleased to note that, despite not having seen me in a month, she still comes when I call her and still snuggles up under my boobs while I knit.


  1. that is a *very* pretty knitted thing. also, welcome to the blogosphere!