January 13, 2014

an introduction

This is me.

This is also me.  My name is Stacey.  My nicknames include Selly, Skudge, Skuffalump, and S.  Mostly I will respond to anything that starts with S.  Mostly I will respond to anything else as long as I know it's referring to me.

I graduated from college in December 2013 with a major in creative writing and a minor in architecture. Now I am embarking on that job search thing that so many young people are doing these days.  Maybe as a graphic designer, or maybe in the editing and publishing industry.

Arts and crafts have been pretty much ingrained into my existence.  I guess it was in the way I was raised—to always be producing something.  My mother taught me to cross-stitch when I was six; that was my first craft.  I dabble in everything that catches my eye, but knitting is the one thing that has stuck with me.  I also do visual art (both digital and traditional).  Sometimes, when I'm feeling either particularly confident or particularly in need of money, I do art commissions.

I have a sister who's five years younger than me.  Her name is Erin, and we're pretty much best friends.  She's currently attending the same university I went to, and we hang out all the time and tell each other everything.

I've had various pets throughout my life: a cat, a dog, some tortoises, some frogs, lots (and lots) of fish, various rodents, and a small flock of birds.  I hand-raised said birds' babies throughout middle and high school, so I'm pretty down with pet responsibilities and feeding babies in the middle of the night and such.

From top to bottom: Olive, my baby (R.I.P), Mickey, the shih-tzu with very few teeth, and Ningmeng, also known as Lemon Rat.  Since I'm now living in a cheap apartment Lemon Rat is the only animal I've got with me at the moment.  She is a sweet and smart sort of creature.  Also soft.  Soft is important.

I'm sort of a compulsive lister (as evidenced by my listography), so when I'm not sure what else to write, I just end (or begin, or middle-ize) with a list.  As such, I will now conclude with a list of my life goals.
  • Make all the things
  • Own a house
  • Fill said house with yarn and fabric and art and animals and other soft pretty things
  • Become an animal whisperer just like my mama
  • Do Real Life, Real People things

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