January 18, 2014

adventures in stash


I used to go to my LYS all the time, but I stopped a couple of years ago because I kept spending too much money there. But now...I've reached the end of my sock yarn stash, which is a big NO, so I of course I had to go to the yarn store with my sister and my friend Ting today.

I've also been ordering yarn online a bit lately. I wouldn't say it's getting to dangerous levels, but there have been some purchases happening. First the yarn for my Follow Your Arrow shawl, and then I ordered some Beaverslide 2-ply because I've always wanted to try it...I would have ordered yarn from Teoriya, but (luckily) they don't ship outside Japan.

(However, my friend is going to Japan in a few months and I asked her to pick up some Teoriya yarn for me, so I'm not saving anything in the end.)

Anyway, of course I have to show off today's haul from the yarn store! It's a pretty small haul, but I'm happy with it.

Yup! Got to rebuild that sock yarn stash. I do have other weights of yarn, but...in the end I'm still most comfortable (and happy) with fingering weight yarn, of which I only have Knitpicks Palette left. Nothing against Palette—I'm a huge fan of it, really—but I basically only use it for stranded colorwork.

I managed to finish the Follow Your Arrow clue too!

I'm really happy with it so far. Depending on how the whole thing turns out, I may have to make a second one with two colors.

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  1. reaching the end of a sock yarn stash...i shudder to think!

    your haul looks awesome, and clue one is stellar, too.